Brie Brooks, Owner/Stylist

Thanks to her younger sister lending her locks, Brie has been doing hair for the majority of her life. Granted, her earlier work probably wasn't the sharpest, but the passion for hair has always been there. A cutting specialist who favors using her straight razor, Brie loves creating cuts that exhibit a strong silhouette and styles effortlessly with the natural texture of her client's hair. When Brie isn't working on clients, she enjoys trading knowledge with fellow hair nerds. She also enjoys too much ramen with her husband and making her two little ones laugh at her bad jokes.


Carissa Clearwater, Owner/Stylist

The pursuit of progress and a commitment to detail has come to define Carissa's approach to hair crafting. Foundation and fluidity mark the essence of every great haircut, and the key lies in tailoring an individual style that naturally complements your unique features. Carissa values education and professional advancement, which is why she constantly strives to acquire contemporary skills and techniques. When she's not obsessing about hair, Carissa spends most of her free time contemplating the next new hobby that she doesn't have time to actually pursue.


Lindsey Brodeur, Colorist

Lindsey fell in love with art at an early age. She remembers carrying a particular fascination with color, in the emotions and expressions conveyed. After becoming a hair stylist, it was only natural for her to become a colorist. With a background in painting, sculpture and photography, Lindsey is forever melding her training as an artist into her work with hair. She finely crafts texture and shape and skillfully customizes each color to match her clients' needs. She knows that maintaining the integrity of the hair is essential to the color process. On days when she's outside of the salon, she's probably somewhere in her garden, trying in vain to get rid of all the damn weeds! Or perhaps instead you'd find her roaming aimlessly through an antique shop, in search of a stunning art or fashion piece to add to her collection.


Dinah Gacon, Stylist

During her 17 years in the industry, in cities across the country, Dinah has drawn inspiration from music and pop culture to create softly textured hairstyles for her clients. She excels in razor cutting and lives to break the rules, encouraging her clients to challenge the way society thinks they should wear their hair, and pursue the hairstyle that will bring them joy. It makes her day to share laughs and good times with her clients. When she's not creating behind the chair, she enjoys the company of her vivacious five year old daughter, and likes to listen to music. Don't be surprised if you bump into Dinah at the movie theater -- where she's most likely catching the latest horror flick!